Alan Sill



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05:41 AM Editor document #336: New GLUE Specification V 2.1 ready for public comment
Can someone load the document into Redmine so we can see it please?


10:36 PM Editor document #251 (published): NSI Network Service Agent Description Document
Added PDF for GFD.220 back in tot he documents collection as requested.
10:31 PM Editor document #261 (published): GLUE v 2.0 - Reference Realisation to JSON Schema
Updated published document as requested.
10:26 PM Editor document #277 (published): OCCI - Text rendering
10:25 PM Editor document #273 (published): OCCI - JSON rendering
Updated published PDF as requested.
10:21 PM Editor document #277 (closed): OCCI - Text rendering
10:18 PM Editor document #277 (published): OCCI - Text rendering
Updated the published PDF as requested.


04:31 PM OCCI WG Revision cb1e449f: Update OGF copyright text


07:40 AM Editor document #277 (final review): OCCI - Text rendering


03:11 PM Public Comments #65 - Grid Certificate Profile: New title for document and ensuing standard profile
Since the usage pattern has (or can in principle) extend beyond grid settings, I suggest “Interoperable X.509 Certifi...

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