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Action 305 - Section 9.2 - Clarifications on Empty Representation

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Target version:DFDL v1.0
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Section 9.2.2

The phrase  "the occurrence's content in the data..." replace with "the occurrence's SimpleContent or ComplexContent region in the data..."
The sentence:  "The empty representation is special in DFDL, because when parsing it is this condition that can trigger the creation of a default value for an element occurrence." replace with: "The empty representation is special in DFDL because when parsing it is used to determine when default values are created in the Infoset. The empty representation can require initiators or terminators be present so as to enable data formats to explicitly distinguish occurrences with empty string/hexBinary values from occurrences that are missing or are absent." 
(This is to clarify an error of omission - prior language suggested that EVDP is only relevant when the element has a default value, because only that need was mentioned.)

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