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new property dfdl:choiceLengthUnits

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Status:submitted Start date:01/10/2017
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Target version:DFDL v2.0
Document Type:Proposed Recommendation



Valid values are "bits", "bytes"

("characters" not allowed because of the complexity that implies, but could be added without loss of backward compatibility in the future if it was really needed.)

For DFDL v1.0 compliant implementations adding this property would invalidate existing schemas. Implementations are expected to provide this property with a default value of "bytes". A future version of DFDL may mandate specifying this property explicitly just as with all other properties.

(Per DFDL WG discussion on call of 2017-01-10)


Updated by Michael Beckerle over 1 year ago

  • Target version set to DFDL v2.0

Need to understand why choice length cannot just use the regular dfdl:lengthUnits property.

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