New title for document and ensuing standard profile

Added by Alan Sill about 4 years ago

Since the usage pattern has (or can in principle) extend beyond grid settings, I suggest “Interoperable X.509 Certificate Profile” (rather than “Grid” or “IGTF”) as the title of this document. (An alternative would be "Interoperable Certificate Profile" but see below.)

As this is now to be a standards-track document, it is useful to have a unique abbreviation for the standard. With the naming suggested above, this would be "IXCP" (or "ICP"). Although it is impossible to come up with any three- or four-letter abbreviation these days that is not already in use somewhere, a quick search on "IXCP standard" produces no results. (Compare for example "ICP standard", which does return some results due to the use of this abbreviation for a type of spectroscopy.)

While the document describes a profile and not a standard, I think the combination in this title gets the meaning across in the minimum number of words and the greatest clarity, while avoiding the use of further abbreviations in the title.

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RE: New title for document and ensuing standard profile - Added by David Groep over 3 years ago

Summarizing the Bratislava CAOPS consensus:
"Interoperable Certificate Profile" (in practice "GFD225" is used as an acrynym, and shorter was considered better)