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02:56 PM OCCI WG Revision bc887700: Revert "Start OCCI XML specification"
This reverts commit 9de5c43ebd2ee53ad3500ebe422d03cf29a8a1bc.
Please use a separate branch for this. We merge to mas...


03:41 PM OCCI WG Revision f59903e7: Protocol data-format split, work in progress
The purpose of the http_protocol document is to describe the HTTP
protocol part of OCCI without involving the data-fo...


12:26 PM OCCI WG Revision 54f2b539: Merge branch 'core-errata'
12:23 PM OCCI WG Revision c59047f9: Rename Kind.related and Mixin.related
Rename Kind.related to Kind.parent and Mixin.related to Mixin.depends.
Add Mixin.applies attribute to advertise restr...


03:12 AM OCCI WG Revision 402ab57c: Grammar corrections


01:39 PM OCCI WG Revision 80acbc23: Clarify how Mixin relationship is implemented
01:35 PM OCCI WG Revision 6164014d: Move errata summary to an Appendix
01:28 PM OCCI WG Revision 0a065076: Describe impact of errata corrections
Also update Status section to reflect the draft status of this version
of OCCI Core.
12:09 PM OCCI WG Revision 357ca633: Add "description" attribute property
10:40 AM OCCI WG Revision d8131b67: Rename "resource instance" to "entity instance".
The term "resource instance" was defined to include any instance of
either OCCI Resource or OCCI Link. The name of th...

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