Florian Feldhaus



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07:56 PM OCCI WG Revision e364741b: Merge branch 'json'
The JSON document is considered to be mature enough to be finalized in the master branch for submission.
07:44 PM OCCI WG Revision cd914b7c: Updated JSON Rendering according to Core changes
- removed related from OCCI Kind and OCCI Mixin
- added parent to OCCI Kind
- added depends and applies to OCCI Mixin...


05:55 AM OCCI WG Revision 1634c42d: updated examples with URB format for IDs
05:51 AM OCCI WG Revision d55234f2: fixed wrong email address


04:14 PM OCCI WG Revision af01f761: minor spelling mistake fixed
11:33 AM OCCI WG Revision 6bd11b49: changed the name of OCCI Action Categories to OCCI Action. Changed name of OCC...
11:21 AM OCCI WG Revision e5c1e36b: corrected some spelling mistakes in glossary


08:25 AM Cloud Plugfest Revision 52f9f7fa: Merge branch 'master' of redmine.ogf.org:community/liaison-cg/cloud-plugfest-cg


09:32 AM Cloud Plugfest Revision 7c8398ce: fixed locations in creation of resources
09:05 AM Cloud Plugfest Revision 2d37a55d: fixed creating of compute with text/plain format

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