Augusto Ciuffoletti



Reported issues: 2


02:34 AM OCCI WG Revision 9f724878: Minor fixes and language optimization


01:14 PM OCCI WG Revision 7e7625e8: Bibliography added (with DOI)
10:48 AM OCCI WG Revision 8a758b3f: First release


07:28 AM OCCI WG Revision 9d2b97f4: Minor updates to occi-monitoring.xml
After the draft sent to J.Parpaillon in Oct 2013
-) sensor, collector and mixins assigned to namespac...
07:28 AM OCCI WG Revision bfe8f83b: Added a provider specific example for monitoring
* minor fixes on occi-monitoring.xml
* created an occi-monitoring-acme.xml that should represent
provider-specific ...


06:06 AM OGF-44 sessions #268 (submitted): OCCI Monitoring
Description of the OCCI-Monitoring extension with examples


11:50 AM OCCI WG Revision 33f5e962: Added missing figure
Signed-off-by: Augusto Ciuffoletti <>
11:22 AM OCCI WG Revision 8309f848: Abstract and Introduction revised. No technical change.
Signed-off-by: Augusto Ciuffoletti <>


09:12 AM OCCI WG Revision 3a873bc2: In response to Gary Mazzaferro comment:
* added description of a deployment for the 3ook example
* added figure to illustrate the above
Signed-off-by: Augus...


07:50 AM OCCI WG Revision 7fea2e7b: Rephrasing and fixing.
* Introduction rephrased and shortened
* Collector rephrased
* Scope and pipe: rephrased and shortened
* Conformance ...

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