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One of the primary purposes of the Open Grid Forum (OGF) is to publish documents. These documents provide information and specifications to developers and others involved with use and support of any form of advanced distributed computing, including cloud and grid computing and associated management, infrastructure, data, architecture, application design, deployment, security, automation and control topics and issues.

Documents are most often authored by members of OGF Working Groups, Community Groups or Research Groups (WGs, CGs or RGs), but may be submitted by any person. Upon submission, there is a multi-stage review for OGF documents, including editorial review and public comment. For Recommendation track documents, "proposed" recommendations are the basis for reference implementations and may, with sufficient experience, become full OGF recommendations.

Documents in discussion within OGF Working Groups and Research Groups, which are intended to be submitted for publication as part of the OGF Document Series, are called Grid Working Drafts (GWD's). Once approved by the OGF Editor and the Grid Forum Steering Group (GFSG), a final document (GFD) becomes part of the OGF Document Series.

Four document types are defined:

  1. Informational: To inform the community about a useful idea or set of ideas.
  2. Experimental: To inform the community about a useful experiment, testbed, or implementation of an idea or set of ideas.
  3. Community Practice: To inform the community of common practice or process, with the objective to influence the community.
  4. Recommendations: To document a specification, analogous to an Internet Standards track document. OGF Recommendations are initially designated as "proposed," and following further experience and review may become full OGF recommendations.

Further information including a full description of the document process and advice intended to help to guide selection from among these categories is contained in GFD.152 available at: http://ogf.org/documents/GFD.152.pdf

OGF Intellectual Property Statement and Copyright

The OGF copyright, intellectual property rights statement and associated disclaimer exist to ensure that the output documents produced through the open public process that is used by the OGF community remain available and useful to that community and that further work can be developed from published OGF documents with appropriate reference. These policies and procedures have been developed over time from extensive experience, and are similar to those followed by other successful open standards bodies. They also set forward procedures to ensure that the appropriate open public OGF process will be followed to make any changes, updates, errata or alterations to OGF published documents in producing any new versions.

The full statements including a link to the full OGF IR policy are available at this link and in the templates given below. OGF's Data Protection and Privacy policies are also spelled out at this link for your information.

OGF Document Templates

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