The CAOPS Working Group, part of the Standards Security Area, is concerned with the organization of operational aspects of 'cross-grid' authentication. As such, it maintains strong links with the International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF, see http://www.igtf.net/), concerned with the actual implementation of guidelines and accreditation of authentication providers.
Closely related activities occur in the area of conveying authentication decisions, and the associated standards in the WS and PKI domains.

Software and Other Relevant Stuff


Published GFDs

Documents currently under consideration by the CAOPS-WG

  • Definition of what and Authentication Profile is
  • Requirements for writing Authentication Profiles
  • ''this acts as the document template for the Authentication Profiles used in the IGTF''
  • give an overview of current LoA definitions and the related efforts
  • identify gaps between these definitions and the potential use of LoA in the e-Science/Grid context.

Stalled documents

  • OCSP requirements for Grids (Informational Document, editors: Olle Mulmo, Mike Helm, Jesus Luna, Oscar Manso, Milan Sova)
  • requirements on relying parties and responders,
  • service architecture options,
  • site caches, clearing house, high-level responders
  • A risk analysis in relation to LoA and use case gathering in an e-Science context (editor: Mike Helm)
  • Present a risk analysis from the prospective of relying parties (or service providers)


igtf-certificate-profile-GFD225-20160323-02.zip - Package and output of the March 23rd version of GFD.225 draft incorporating all public comments (552.8 kB) David Groep, 03/23/2016 07:07 AM