Daffodil 2.0.0 - Release Announcement

Daffodil 2.0.0 with Unparse Capability - Release Announcement
Added by Michael Beckerle over 2 years ago

Tresys and the Daffodil project are pleased to announce the first
release candidate of Daffodil 2.0.0, the open source implementation
of DFDL v1.0

Notable changes since Daffodil 1.1.0 include unparse achieving full
feature parity with parse, support for additional unparse only
properties such as outputValueCalc, fillByte,
truncateSpecifiedLengthString, etc., numerous bug fixes in parse, and
improved parse performance.

The release candidate has been tagged as 2.0.0-rc1 in the git repo:


The release is also available for downloaded from the Daffodil Artifacts


Daffodil will now enter the test phase, which we expect to last
approximately 3 weeks, followed by the official release of Daffodil 2.0.0.

Please give the release candidate a test and let us know if you find any
issues. To report bugs or ask any questions, the development team is
available on the Daffodil users mailing list:


as well as XMPP HipChat:


or via the JIRA Daffodil bug tracker:


On behalf of the Daffodil team,
- Steve Lawrence