New DFDL Tutorial Materials

XML tools and techniques site XFront releases DFDL tutorials with slides, lab-exercises, etc.
Added by Michael Beckerle 25 days ago

A body of new DFDL tutorial materials have been published at

This was developed and tested with Apache Daffodil (incubating) by Roger Costello of MITRE Corp. who maintains the XFront site.

The site is XML-oriented and so most of the tutorial material is focused around using DFDL to map non-XML data to/from an XML form. Which is to say the site and this material is for XML enthusiasts. (The Daffodil DFDL implementation also fully supports JSON.)

The tutorial materials cover textual data formats and binary data formats, and the DFDL properties used to parse/unparse them.
Lab exercises to help learn DFDL are included as well.