DFDL talk at ApacheCon 2018 Montreal

Mike Beckerle presented DFDL and Apache Daffodil (Incubating) at ApacheCon 2018 in Montreal
Added by Michael Beckerle 10 months ago

On Wednesday Sept 26, Mike Beckerle presented DFDL and the Apache Daffodil (Incubating) project which implements DFDL, at the annual ApacheCon North-America conference which was held in at the Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The slides and audio of the session are available.
Slides (as a zipped pdf file) are here: https://s.apache.org/apacheconNA2018-dfdl
The audio is here: https://s.apache.org/apacheconNA2018-dfdl-audio