Announcement: Daffodil 2.0.0 Released

Major release 2.0.0 of Daffodil with parse and unparse.
Added by Michael Beckerle almost 2 years ago

We are pleased to announce the release of Daffodil 2.0.0!

Downloads are available as zip, tar, and rpm at:

Daffodil is the open source implementation of the Open Grid Forum's
Data Format Description Language (DFDL) specification.

DFDL is a language capable of describing many data formats, including
textual and binary, commercial record-oriented, scientific and numeric,
modern and legacy, and many industry standards. It leverages XML
technology and concepts, using a subset of W3C XML schema type system
and annotations to describe such data formats. Various DFDL schemas are
publicly available on github at:

Daffodil uses such descriptions to parse data into an XML or JSON
infoset for ingestion and validation. Daffodil can also perform the
reverse, by serializing or "unparsing" an infoset back to the original
data format.

Daffodil 2.0.0 is a monumental milestone that denotes stability and
usability, and is ready for general availability. Major features that
make up this release include:

- Support for unparse with one-to-one feature parity with parse
- New API with native support for JDOM, w3c DOM, Scala XML, XML text, and JSON
- Support for many non-byte size encodings
- Support for xs:choice direct dispatch
- Support for xs:boolean types
- Support for xs:ignoreCase="yes"
- Support for xs:union restrictions
- Many improvements to the DFDL expression language
- Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

More details of the changes are available:

Daffodil 2.0.0 has also been integrated into Apache NiFi and XML
Calabash, with the source available in the following git repositories:

Apache NiFi:
XML Calabash:

Although Daffodil has reached this milestone, active development
continues, with some features not yet available. For a detailed list of
unsupported features, visit the unsupported features and errata pages:

For more information on Daffodil, visit the Daffodil wiki:

For questions and support, the development team is available on the
Daffodil mailing list:

as well as XMPP HipChat:

If you are interested in becoming a Daffodil contributor, visit the
daffodil wiki or the developers mailing list:

For a complete list of all open tickets, visit the Daffodil bug tracker:

Thanks to everyone that has helped to make this milestone possible!