DFDL Schema for NITF Image file format

NITF DFDL Schema is available at DFDLSchemas on github
Added by Michael Beckerle 11 months ago

Tresys Technology is pleased to announce the release of a DFDL schema to
describe MIL-STD-2500C: National Imagery Transmission Format, more
commonly known as NITF. The schema and test files are available for
download on the DFDLSchemas github page https://github.com/DFDLSchemas/NITF

This schema was developed and tested using the Daffodil open-source DFDL

The version of Daffodil that has the functionality to parse and unparse
NITF files using this schema is still pre-release, but the forthcoming
Daffodil 2.0.0 release will incorporate the capability. (Daffodil 2.0.0
development snapshots newer than 2017-01-12 can also be used.)