DFDL Schema for NITF Image file format

NITF DFDL Schema is available at DFDLSchemas on github
Added by Michael Beckerle over 2 years ago

Tresys Technology is pleased to announce the release of a DFDL schema to
describe MIL-STD-2500C: National Imagery Transmission Format, more
commonly known as NITF. The schema and test files are available for
download on the DFDLSchemas github page https://github.com/DFDLSchemas/NITF

This schema was developed and tested using the Daffodil open-source DFDL

The version of Daffodil that has the functionality to parse and unparse
NITF files using this schema is still pre-release, but the forthcoming
Daffodil 2.0.0 release will incorporate the capability. (Daffodil 2.0.0
development snapshots newer than 2017-01-12 can also be used.)