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dfdl:valueLength function - unclear what it does

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Target version:DFDL v1.0
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Spec says:
dfdl:valueLength(path, lengthUnits) - returns the value length which excludes any padding or filling which might be added for a specified length

Is this well defined even?

It seems an abstract value other than a string doesn’t have an inherent length. E.g., the number 1000 is an abstract concept. It its content takes up a minimum of 4 characters base 10, but 3 in base 16. Depending on textNumberPattern, it may need a grouping separator, which increases the size of the content region in our grammar. So that's not the 'value' it's the content region within the overall representation of the element.

Do we really want functions named paddedContentLength and unpaddedContentLength ?

Related issues

related to DFDL WG - document #316: Action 242 part 1 - valueLength and contentLength clarifi... submitted 08/02/2016


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Ongoing. Tracked by action 242 in DFDL-WG calls.

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